How to Remember Jokes

And 101 Drop Dead Jokes to Get You Started

     If I hadn’t had such a great time on the author tour – telling (mostly racy) jokes on radio shows and TV stations from coast-to-coast – I’d almost feel guilty about this book.  An excuse to collect my 101 favorite long-form jokes, How to Remember Jokes is the perfect present for your humor-challenged friends. 

     Here’s the thing: we’ve all been at parties where someone uncorks a great joke, and we’ve felt the pressure to have something to come back with.  And we’ve all said to ourselves, at just such a moment, “Dammit!  I know that I heard a killer joke just a few days ago, but I can’t remember it!”  Because that’s such a universal experience, I spent some time researching how memory works, and I’ve come up with a few foolproof strategies that will help anyone to remember (and re-tell) even the most involved jokes. 

      And then I’ve provided plenty in the way of material.  From “The Proctologist’s Discovery” to “The Snakebitten Golfer,” from “The Pig Farmer’s Dilemma” to “The Three Stages of Sex” (that last one is my Irish Catholic mother’s favorite), I’ve got your joke needs covered.  Though this isn’t a book for the kiddies – there are plenty of wonderfully dirty jokes contained herein – it’s all politically correct, generously annotated with hints to retain each joke, and (most importantly) hysterically funny.  

© 2018 by Philip Van Munching.